ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-01-12 17:56:07 (UTC)

SteaLin Da BlaZer.......

I woke up really early today bcuz i couldnt sleep. I had
the craziest dream last night. Kat told me that (by the
way, this isnt my dream) she keeps a notebook of her dreams
because sometimes they are really FuckED up, so maybe i
should do that. oh ya, so my dream, kinda stupid, it kinda
reflected what happened yesterday in my day. Yesterday when
i was going to Art, i saw Brian, so i gave him a hug and
talked to him for awhile before the bell rang. in my dream,
i was hugging Brian and he was holding my hands and we were
just like standing together and then Chris came walking by
and he saw us and he gave me this 'look' and then he
smiled, flipped us off, and walked away. THen he CalLEd me
and when i answered he said 'what?...' and then i kinda
woke up and i dont remember waht happened after that. kinda
stupid , i know, but it seemed a bit weird.

I think the dream that scared me the most was the
one i had the night before we broke up. In my dream, we
were like having sex and then i woke up and he was gone.
THen taht day we broke up, and i dont know why, but i think
that dream was sposed to be like a 'sign'.

ok, well yesterday both my parents were at work and mom
left the keys to the Blazer at home, so me and Kristy took
them and drove to Paulina's, picked her up, drove to
T.J.'s, picked him up, and then we went to some guy named
Matt's house and just chilled. THen we went and bought
cigarettes and we went to this record store right next to
it taht i never knew existed (kinda sucked). Then we left
and as soon as we got in the car dad called me and was
like "where are u?" and i was like 'paulina's' and he was
like "well, the Blazer got stolen." (basically, my
sister doesnt have her license yet, so she TeCHniCallY isnt
sposed to be driven). so we got busted, well actually,
Kristy did, i made her drop me off at Paulina's so i
wouldnt get busted. but my parents were pretty cool about
it with her.

I guess that dad had a 'talk' with Kristy when she got
home and somehow they started talking about boys. Kristy
isnt really allowed to go off with boys because her
sophmore year she and T.J. had sex, she got pregnant, and
she got an abortion. SO my dad was like "do u have a
boyfriend?" and Kristy was like "no" (she has T.J. & Ricky)
and he's like "well then, where did all those hicky's come
from?" and she was like "they came from a girl. me
and Ashley are a little more than friends..." and he was
like "oh...... well at least a girl can't get u
pregnant." he he... my dad thinks Kristy is bi!! but she
isnt... omg... well anywayz, that was my crazy yesterday.

While i was at Paulina's, we went up on her
roof and i said i wanted to jump off it and into her pool,
and she started freaking out on me. i wasnt really gonna do
it, but i started running like i was gonna and she almost
started crying!! so funny... but mean. he he. she just
didnt want her best friend to die at her house. wow. that
would suck. well later.

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