Lost for Words
2002-01-12 17:28:30 (UTC)

This is me

I made this new diary...I'm kinda tired of open diary. It
never works when I want it to. Heather doesn't want to see
me. She did the same thing to me last weekend that she is
doing now "I'll call you when I am coming over" and she
never calls...go figure. She is my best friend and I am not
hers. It sucks. Maybe something is wrong with me because I
can't keep a best friend for more than a year. I am calling
Head at her house now..I know she isn't there...now I am
calling the cell phone...she's still in monticello..they
found this place to swim in that is so beautiful she says.
Neeto I wanna see it. But I prolly never will. I asked her
if she is going to Blake's party. She wants to but doesn't
know if she can. If she can't then that means that I can't
go and I won't get to here Jamo play...

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