even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-01-12 17:10:49 (UTC)

passing by

so, i woke ujp.. and i had a dream that i remember when i
woke up, anbut i was waking up for too long, so... last
night, aum came over, and ate, and we talked, he fell
skating and kind of f-ed himself up.. then sam and joselin
came over, and we chilled for a little bit, and then we
went to sonterra and sat in the hot tub... and it was good
times... so then we got out... and sam and joselin had
some sam and joselin time, and me and aum talked, and then
joslein and i came home... we took som e kava kava and went
to sleep and it was nice.. i had a nice dream, but the
maids put a sheet on my bed, and its werid... i don;t ever
have a top sheet, and im not used to it... but i slept
well... so it was nice.. i wish i could have slept longer,
but the stupid dog was outside barikng, and the sun was
coming in and it was no bueno... but... mayeb i needed to
get up anywa.. joselin is still asleep... and i have to
babysit later tonight... and i want to do stuff,
stuffo, i guess...

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