Bonnie Blue Dreams
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2002-01-12 15:08:51 (UTC)

Girls Night

Last night my boyfriend Landis took me home from his house
and we played cards with my friend Alex. After about 30
minutes of card playing we started doing my nails, thats
what Alex and I do when we get together...I rub her feet
for some toe painting in return. Landis was just kinda
sitting there looking bored out of his mind so he told us
he was tired and went home. I'm sure he was tired, but I
do understand if he left cause we were doing girly
stuff...if I was right in the middle of him and his friends
doing whatever they do I'm sure that I would want to
leave. I dont think his friends like me anyways..ohwell.
I hung out with them for about 10 minutes and was offended
about 3 times with band/sex cracks. I guess it shouldnt
bother me...they do play football and I'm in band, but
still...it hurt. So I dont think that I will go with
Landis anymore when he goes to see one of them. They're ok
when they're not together...like one friend talking to
Landis then he leaves and a few minutes later the other one
comes up, I can handle that.

Alex did my toenails and I think they're pretty but then I
did my finger nails the same color and it doesnt look too
good, so I'm about to take it off and do something else to

I'm on my period and that makes me wake up like 50 times a
night...I hate it! But then I finally woke up this morning
at 8:00 to Alex putting on her clothes and my uncle jumping
on my bed screaming "Rise and shine Donna Dear!" He calls
me Donna Dear all the time.

Well, I need to get ready for this drumline thing that
we're hosting at our school...later.

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