mark my words
2002-01-12 14:55:16 (UTC)

i feel bad for being jealous last night...

Last night, I went to bed thinking (slightly bitterly!) "I
hope they're having fun..." As my eyes were drifting
closed, I heard the distinctive ring of my cell phone (it's
that song, Let's Talk About Sex). I fumbled in the dark to
pick it up, seeing KC's number on the caller ID. It was
Lindsay. She was like, "Hey hun, I just wanted to say hey,
and let you know it's really weird without you here... we
miss you!....are you like, mad?" I was really pleased to
get a call like that, and I was like "Aww, Lin, thanks so, I'm not mad at all. I'm grounded! If I weren't
grounded and I wasn't there, then I'd be mad, but it's not
like I'm allowed out so it doesn't matter at all...thanks
for thinking of me!" And it was true, because after that I
wasn't jealous at all. We made arrangements for me to stop
by there at around 11:30 this morning, in two hours,
because three of my girls are there (KC, Lin, Christina)
and I want to see them. So now I'm not jealous at all :)
I also realized something. I was looking through my past
entries last night and I neglected to write about something
pretty important dealing with Mark! So now I'll explain
It was probably early to mid-November, and exactly the
night before Bill came into the picture. I was hanging out
with a bunch of people...Lindsay, Mike, Tom, Bill, Mark,
Ed, and about 10 more random people. I was supposed to get
with Mark that night but about a million people came to the
house and we couldn't do anything. Well we were driving
home that the front seat was Mike driving,
Lindsay in the middle, and Bill in the passenger side. In
the back was Kevin, Mark, and me. (I must get around...
I've had little things with all the guys in that car except
for Mike). Well, we were in the backseat driving home, and
to be very blunt, Mark was basically fingering me as we
drove. Everyone was in the car so I had to bite my lip and
squeeze his thigh so I wouldn't make any noise. (He has a
nice thigh). That's the good thing... here's the funny
Kevin is a reeeally horny guy. As Mark's got his hand
between my legs, Kevin's like, "Mike, go drop off Mark,
Lindsay, and Bill so me and Julie can get the backseat alll
to ourselves..." giving me this look. I was like "Uhhh..."
and Mark was like, "She's sleeping at Lindsay's. It's not
gonna happen."
I can't believe I didn't write about that, because it was
time number 3 that Mark touched me :)
Gotta go shower...