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2002-01-12 13:00:12 (UTC)

yesterday was a blast on the river down in the hole

I met this mexican from WACO when I was down in the hole,
he smoked his crac pipe,I TOKED ON MY SNEAKATOKE,then right
after we put our stuff out of sight,who else could show up
but my fucking dad,he bummed 10 bucks off of me until he
gets paid for working on that forklift from hell,shortly
after he was out of there, the mexican said he was dreading
the drive on I-35 all the way home, then he took off as
soon as my lady friend pulls in,me and her got t-totally
stoned drunk out of our minds,she said that she vill be
back,this afternoon,by that time,I'll be comfortably
numb,who know's,if my van get's fixed,I'll go to the
backside of the JOHNSON COUNTY JAIL and get me a load of
firewood and go back to the hole and build another campfire

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