writings on the wall
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2002-01-12 11:36:42 (UTC)

thought of the day...

thanks to all the people out there who left messages for
me. it's nice to know that someone out there reads my
diary. although i seriously don't know what to say if
those people are the people around me in real life!

i personally think that diary is a place where one
can freely expresses her thoughts and feelings, eg "i
think that my best gf is a bitch & i hate her so much!"
without having to worry whether someone will read it. if
you keep worrying that someone will get their hands on
your diary, of course you won't write anything private in
it right? i am actually a secretive person so i think that
an online diary is the best for me.

i started writing diaries when i was 13 and i still
have them now. everyday, i have to wait until everyone is
out of sight before i can start writing. and i was lazy
then so it's basically not a daily routine for me. there
was once when i was seriously doubting if my cousin had
read my diary (because i read hers, wicked of me, huh?)
and i stopped writing for awhile. from the moment i
started this online diary, i stopped writing it with hand.

now i am thinking of what i should do with my past
diaries. should i throw them away? or burn them? there was
this phase in my life where i kept worrying that my family
will read my diary if i die a sudden death. anyway, i
think that it's nice to look back and realized how
childish you were and remembered the good times. it always
put a smile on my face when i flip through my diaries and
read about my ex-crushes and my first love.

maybe you guys should give it a try...=)