for show and tell
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2002-01-12 10:44:30 (UTC)

so sick...

i'm so very, very sleepy. i can barely go on... i'm
listening to silent hill music. so pretty.. ^_^ i like the
blooper reel music. it's all country\rockish kinda..
really funny. i also like the beginning song to silent
hill. it's freaky.. i drew an AWESOME nny. it was a
rendition of the last page of #7... hmmm... it just
occured to me.. there are 7 issues of johnny...
seeeveeeeen.... ooooh... i have, like, no idea what the
hell i'm typing.. for a second or two, i forgot i was
typing anything at all... it makes myself seem angry at
myself that way. i wonder what chris chros will be doing
tommorow. i hope i can talk to him.. i mean, i can, duhhh,
but i wanna talk to him... i am falling asleep at the
keyboard. woooooowww.... i wonder if it..... /-- i started typing
this, and then forgot halfway. O_o oh well... later, now...


2nd entry:
still so very, very sleepy. i want to stay up all night long, but at
some point, i knew i would fall asleep. i couldn't draw or even
listen to music without nodding off, and stuff... i don't want to
sleeeeeep!!! and why do people have a problem with it?? so if you
know I don't want to sleep, why are you gonna force me? I mean... i
have no clue what i'm something.... i am completely going off
subject.. umm... sleep... yes.. maybe that could work. see?
incoherent sentences!!

-imationzim, the sleepy girl, wheee~