short stories
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2002-01-12 09:06:01 (UTC)


the world is so fucked up!

i hate myself for being in this mess. i hate the people
around me for being so fucking stupid. it wouldve been a
bit better if they were stupid and at the same time funny.
but no. they had to be stupid and boring.

the sky is always gray, grass no longer fuckin green,
everything here just seems to be saying "theres no more
life left around you. and you will be next." how fucked up
could one fucked up situation get?

man, i dont care anymore. im gonna stop caring about the
world. im just gonna let go and lose all hope.

fuck hope. fuck everything in sight. yeah, even you.

hold on. my phone is ringing.


"hi. i just called to say i love you."

i love you too.

"i love you very much. i cant wait to see you again."

i feel the same way. i miss you so much. i cant wait to be home.

"you will be in a few months time. be strong. i have to go now. i
love you. bye."

i love you too, bye.

i close my eyes and think of all the things ive said before the phone
call. i was wrong. so wrong. i shouldnt lose hope. no matter how
fucked up the world gets. no matter how dumb people around me are. no
matter how gray the sky or how dead the grass gets.

because somebody loves me. and im not gonna let him down. because i
love him back.

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