Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-04-14 04:45:16 (UTC)

Men who aren't mine and a car that isn't really either..

Well, still haven't heared from C.G. It's been three days
since he said he'd call. Starting to wonder...geez, I dunno
though...oh well. I'm not going to worry too much, if
things happen, that's great. If not, then they don't. Can't
really do too much. I'm not sure if I should call him to
invite him to my party tomorrow night, I'm hoping that he
would have heared through the gravevine that I'm having
people over and will just show up. But whatever. A friend
says I should call him and invite him..but something inside
me says to just leave this alone. I'm going to go with my
gut I think on this one. He's got my number. an email from D.B. today. Said he was in town.
We dated for a couple of months last summer and then he
dropped this "I'm leaving the province to go to school"
bombshell on me, which hurt. One days' notice. We've
remained in touch, mostly through email and the occasional
phone call, but I haven't seen him. So he wants to go out
for coffee or something, which is cool. I blew him off last
time he was in town 'cause I was dating C.G. at the time,
see where that got me. So now I'm figuring why not? Who
knows, we might just suit up for a roll in the hay...he was
always a good guy in that department...wouldn't mind
another ride, just for old times sake, of course :)
Tomorrow morning I'm going to pick up my car at the
dealership, I'm really first car is a 2001
Hyundai Accent, good but reliable they tell any case, the dealer will pay for repairs so that's
cool. I'm signing the next 4 yrs. off to this car so I hope
it works out okay. I've been warned...but I've gotta give
it a go. I need a car and can't afford to buy one. "Never
invest in anything that depreciates in value" a wise man,
my father, once told me. Buy a house, borrow a car. Hell,
works for me!!
Anyways, ya I'm boring...oh well.
Take care, I'd love your comments..