Cosmic Rain
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2002-01-12 08:26:23 (UTC)

Tion Of A Time

"Gently unfolded before my eyes....A glimmer of you brings
about heartfelt sighs...A single blink and you get taken
away....I step out into the light and brave the day...."

Hmmmmm, haven't been here in a long time...Too many diary's
and not enough thought to put into each...Lack of
inspiration...Flitted with bouts of depression....Nasty
little thing that it be...I'm already a pretty quiet person
as is in general and when depression sinks in I withdraw
even more..And it effects the way I socialise with people
who I usually chat to often..Not that a lot of people know
about it or I would even mention it to...I've always been
one to keep the happy outward persona since I can
remember..Now it's only a selected few I might admit to
that I've been having a bad time of it or that things
aren't quite rosie..I'm not big on trust..I'm not big on
spilling emotions..So when I do, it means something pretty
big or someone is pretty special..

Anyway, I want to go for a walk and get some fresh air,
while Melbourne pretends it's having a summer..It's not up
with the times, says the girl that is going down the street
to test her keycard for the first time in her life..Welcome
to the world of electronic banking....But I've been happy
with the way things have been...I like change too..I just
go about it at my pace....