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2002-01-12 08:20:59 (UTC)

list it

Friend's older bro was in a coma.
His funeral was last weekend.

Friend's Uncle passed away in his sleep
two days before Christmas.

Friend's Uncle got hit on the Expressway on
Christmas day.

My friend's Mom had a heart attack. Sometimes
I call her Mom. She's fine now.

She was on the same hospital floor as her Mother.

They called 911 for my Dad's co-worker, our neighbor.

My friend's neighbor just came home from the hospital.
He survived a stabbing.

My friend's Mom passed away. We don't know how just yet.
She never really talked to her Mom.

Our neighbor sufferred a stroke.

I'm in my mid-twenties. These occurrences happen often
amongst older communities. Is this what I am to look
forward to for the rest of the year?

Friend's relative passed away.

Friend was raped.

Friend's Aunt was mugged.

...updated 3/18...

My friend's Great Aunt has been taken away.

My Grandpa is in the hospital again.
He's been like this for almost two decades. He's in such pain.
I have only two memories of my Grandpa standing on his own.
Grandma won't sign the DNR papers.
Tell me it's not his pension.

My friend's Aunt passed away.

High School classmate passed away in some foreign country.
We weren't friends. He found his calling and died a hero.

My friend was in a car accident. Wrecked his Mustang.

Family friend passed away of Lung Cancer. He was in prison.

My cousin was in a car accident. She side swiped her Mustang.
She's ok even though she did a 180 and stopped facing traffic.
And I doubt she damaged the gaurd rail. What is it protocol to
ask about the guard rail? So she'd pay for damages. Are guard rails
that important?

My Aunt is diabetic now.

My Dad's friend hit on me.

My grandma's friend's son passed away.

My gf's Uncle passed away.