A nun and monkey walk into a bar...
2002-01-12 07:27:20 (UTC)

YAY ! The weekend is here........Yay being broke

Well, the week is over. Now its time to relax until 7am
when I gotta get up and move my car.... I ended up paying
three dollars to leave it in a pay lot overnight. Normally,
I wouldnt do that but there is NO parking on Broadway on a
Friday night. And I dont want another 25 dollar ticket,
seeign as how I have ten dollars to last me till the 16th
at which point I may get another 50. Gotta love college
life. I remember when I moved back down here for school, I
was making 2000 a month and now its something like 350 ish.
Well thats all for now !!!!

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