Emotional Fluctuations
2002-01-12 07:25:55 (UTC)

Let's try this again

I just found out that Quo released their album n 1994. That
information will become totally useless immediately after I
relay it 2 the appropriate parties but such is life. Full
of inconsequential information. The bread and butter that
moves our existance. Just wanted 2 let u know. 4 no better
reason than just relaying useless information. That's it.
nothing new is really happening. i'm swordfighting 2morrow
and going 2 a party afterwards, I'll let u know how it
goes. Still seeing Dana, we haven't ended that relationship
yet, um.... still n school, still workig, and still
chillin... had our first PPG meeting of the yeart and it
was nice and fast. u kow 4 some1 who isn't doing anything
new I sure do have a lot 2 say. Anyway I guess I had better
get going. I need 2 get home and get some sleep. Peace & B