Nick's Journal
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2002-01-12 06:18:53 (UTC)

New Orleans and other good stuff

sooooooooo it seems that everyone has hit the end of
winter break blues. dreading the upcoming semester we
hate the last week, and to use an already overused
metaphor, the week before going back is like your last
meal on death row. you know you should be enjoying it, but
you know that you're just gonna shit it out the second the
first volt of electricity hits you...hhhhhmmmm, yes.
so i have not suffered from this post holiday depression
i went to new orleans with the good old gang, for those of
you who don't know who that is it consists of (me, dave,
luke, ryan, joe, oh and ryan's bro came with us).
it was sweet as shit. to sum it up.
i got wasted as usual, two nights in a row, but you may be
asking yourself "shit, when doesn't nick get wasted two
nights in a row?" well this time i got a stripper pushed
into me, i hung out at a kick ass bar, i saw "respectable"
adults make themselves look like asses, i stayed at the
sweetest shittiest hotel ever, and had the best food i've
had in a very long time.
oh it was sweet. so sweet. not only was the destination a
blast, but also the journey. i mean i'll be the first to
admit that i know shit about communism and socialism
except that they're the work of the devil, but it was cool
as shit discussing the two theories w/ monsieur joe.
sure, i've gotten a total of maybe 8 hours of sleep in two
nights. but that's okay.
overall the break rocked my world. some good things
happened to me, and some great things happened. all
together it was definetly memorable. but that's enough of
me telling you how great i feel, because, who am i
kidding, you want to hear about bad stuff.
--- so here's something i did today cos i had nothing
better to do. i read about how computers work (joe and i
were discussing this, and it's defiently something i will
never understand). as i read it i noticed a girl of about
4 years old climb up on one of those big ass ladders to
get a book from the top of the shelf. being the good
samaritan that i am, i quickly gave her the advice
of "watch out that you don't fall off and fuck yourself
up" that's defiently a signt hat i should keep myself from
social interaction. see i know what i'm doing when my dog
and cat are the only animate subjects in my presence. i
didn't mean to cuss, it's just what came to my mouth. it
wasn't one of the more embarrasing moments but yeah.
--- here's another thing. legalization of marijuana. now
don't get me wrong, i love the sweet, sweeet cheeba, and i
smoke it a good 15 to 16 times a day, but give me a
fucking break. do we really want a society of dumbasses
wandering around stoned? i mean can you imagine congress,
trying to get in session and half the people are missing
because they have no idea whether they are a human or a
walrus. the problem is that most people are wastelands
when stoned, who have trouble managing their steak stuft
burrito. nothing would get done, because we'd be playing
mario bros. 3. if we really want to fuck with another
country, give them the sweet green. then while they're
sitting around throwing daisies in the air, throw enough
nukes at them so that you make a harlem riot look like a
walk in the park. and one other thing. if marijuana were
legalized, what it become a large scale commercialized
commodity or would it remain as a drug that is frowned
upon and sold by dealers? meaning that you can have it,
but it's not accepted in society. hhhhmmmm. i figure we
worship one type of green, i wouldn't put it past uncle
sam to throw us another.
--- now i also watched politically incorrect. it had some
feminist attorney and ted nugent. hahaha, it's like the
beginning to a joke. sadly enough i couldn't decide on
who was more annoying. i mean, i really like ted nugent,
and i think that next to oprah winfrey, feminist
attorney's must be satan's spawns, but god damn, if i had
been that bill maher guy or whoever the fuck, i woulda
shown ole ted how sweet it really is when you're on the
other side of the barrel. i swear. i can make society a
better place. i'll have a list. and i'll have a room.
the people on the list will be locked in the room.
and "ice ice baby" will be played full blast, over and
over and over.
--- please, please, don't get up and applaud, i'm just a
simple austrian that likes to attack people from the
safety of my computer.