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2002-01-12 06:18:41 (UTC)

My Beloved Boyfriend.

Hey guys. I really don't know what to say. Tino went
to Jamaica on the 28th of December. I really wish he was
here. I REALLY wanna see him. Damn. And yea. I'ma call him
tomorrow when I get my 600 minute international phone card.
Hehe. My mommy and Daddy are finally lending me 5 bucks so
I can have 20 so I can call Tino in Jamaica. I wanna go
visit him! Hehe.

Omg! I heard the sweetest thing about him the other
day. This girl, she told me in the beginning that she was
goin out wit Tino. Then the other day she says, "Dale told
me that Tino wasn't that happy wit me so he started goin
out wit you. Dale said that Tino has never been happier." I
was like, "Omg! Are you serious?" She was like, "Yea." I
was like, "That is the SWEETEST thing I've ever heard." And
she was like, "Yea. Dale said that Tino was NEVER this
happy in his LIFE until he met you." I was like, "OMG!" And
all this time I thought Tino was cheating on me. Guess I
was wrong. My opinion's changed.

Right now though, I don't know what to say. I MISS
TINO! But who doesn't know that? And anyone that reads this
isn't gonna believe me but now that I have a boyfriend, all
these guys all of a sudden wanna chill and they wanna hang
out wit me. I mean, I like that but come on. There's more
to it than chillin. Who doesn't know that? I just think
it's weird how all of a sudden I have all these friends.
*she sighs* Oh, well. I may find out some day.

Also... My EX BEST FRIEND, Mike Black, is going out
with Cassie G. Be happy guys! I think they look cute
together. Honestly. Lol. And everyone thought I was just
stuck on Mike. Come on now. I mean, to be friends with him
again wouldn't be so bad. But I gotta go now. Peace... Luv