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2002-01-12 06:10:29 (UTC)

a dull night to remember

well today i went to school early nd i didnt have class
till 10 so went to brekfast with maggie and lu to
breakfast and then i went tanning. when i got to school i
started feeling dizzy and my skin had a sick feelng
everytime i move my eyes. its ee going on for awhile an i
think i has to do wth my nervous system. then i came home
after school for awhile and went to cvs. then there was a
danceatmy school and me and my friends go to them till bc
its a small school and we are seniors. then we always go
out afterwards. it was a dul dance-no one was there bc
there was ski club. so i hung out with whit chels and laura
most of the night. mike con was there too and he is real
funny but i alwaysfeel left out bc h is all over my friends
and i am all shy and stuff.i hate being shy- i am shy
around my own friends. its almost like icannot function. so
we get to applbees and we have 3 tables and i got stuck by
myself with vicky suto and these really snobby juniors. so
i didnt really have a chance joke around with my real
friends. it was just an akward night i guess. but i guess
there were some fun parts of the night- but i must have
missed them. i cannot wait for date dance!!! i am takng my
friend jared and we re going to cliftin hill afterwards. it
shoud be fun. well nothing else is new so iam going to bed.
good night

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