Robbie M.

Rob's thoughts
2002-01-12 06:10:12 (UTC)

Can't sleep...

Here it is almost 1 in the morning and I can't sleep. i sit
here just thinking about my baby Shelly. I have laid in bed
the past coupl of nights just thinking about how much I
love her and want to be with her all the time. It is weird.
I have never wante to spend as much time with anyone as i
do with Shelly. I have dreams all the time about her and
think about her 24/7. I can never get her out of my head.
But thursday night i had a weird dream. It had to deal with
and ex og mine and one of Shelly's good friends. I was with
and ex but it was like i was with Shelly. ANd her friend
was hitting on me. and got naked. Well to make a long story
shot we didn't do anything and i woke up. Well i told
Shelly about if yesturday. and she laughed and said I had a
crush on her. Well I did at one time cuz she has that asian
look to her and I love asians. But I love Shelly more.
Maybe with was just cuz my and shelly was talking about her
friend before i went to bed. That might just be it. Man it
is like lately I can't sleep well. I try but i just can't
get to sleep. normally I don't have a problem with sleeping
now I do. I know that if Shelly was here I could sleep.
Another thing that has me thinking is what my mom said. She
said Shelly could stay with us if it got to hard for her at
home but that she would tell her parents and then she would
try to help them work it out after she turned 18. Which is
very sweet of my mom but the thing is I don't wnat her to
just stay with us I want her to move in with me. I know we
are young but we both know we want to spend the rest of our
lives with each other. And we will I will just have her
stay here for a little while then we will go get a place
for ourselevs.
Well I will most likly wtite again tonight. But i am going
to try to go to bed. Night to any and everyone.

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