The jerk files
2002-01-12 05:51:44 (UTC)

It's hard being a Christian in rush hour.

Ok, well I just finished dinner and taking a nap. Man,
it was only for 2 hours but it felt really good. Today was
pretty much the same for me but we did some different
things at work. Today we packed up all the loose stuff at
the printing place. Kinda like if we were moving someone
out of their house.(papers, wires,all kinds of junk.) We
had to move everything. From huge, heavy dressers to over a
hundred shot glasses and tons of alcohol.) We had to wrap
them all seperately in popping paper and then a piece of
paper. It was soo repetative. While we were doing that me
and the guys, (Me, marcos,beto, tony and Chris) discussed
alot of things. (girls) lol. I was going on about "this
girl that i like." and stuff like that.It was cool. Then we
took a lunch. And i went and sat in the car while i ate
lunch.(Sandwich and chips and two capri suns with cookies
and cheese on cheese crackers,mmm.) Anyways, after lunch, I
went back to work. We started moving all the boxes out of
the warehouse. They were so heavy and we had to take them
down the stairs one at a time. We took chairs and tables
and just big things. lol. My back was hurting so much.
(It's ok now though) I worked with guys named Jose (two of
them), Miguel and Corneo lol. They didn't speak english and
since i don't speak too much spanish, it's kinda hard. (At
least i know how to say i love you in 3 languages.) But
that wouldn't help in this situation. lol =) But i
managed. It went on like that for a few more hours and we
were finished at 3. We then (very tiredly) drove home in
ridiculous traffic. I guess it was worse because it was
Friday. People are so dumb and rude. (It's hard being a
Christian and drive home in rush hour traffic.) lol. ;)

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