Life on the other side
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2002-01-12 05:46:04 (UTC)

A day of "old" memories

Today I went to work. Work, in it self, went fine. Alex
and I did pretty well. Our owner wants to take us out to
dinner and talk about possible career advacements. The
problem came with a person who works at the shop with me.
He was all jacked on meth. He had cotton mouth and could
not talk very well. He was hot and extremely tired. He
even showed me where he shot up. It made me think of "old"
times. But i was actually happy to not be where he was at
that moment. (He really needs treatment, but says he does
not have a problem and that he can control his drug use) I
told him riight. I said that too. He is a good guy and i
hate to see him go down, but it is not my place to stop
him. Other than that I had a good day. Right now i am
talking to Butch via the net. He is asking me if i am
updating my journal.(Ironic) I hope everything goes just
as good tommorrow. We'll find out when I return to write
about the life of a man named bubba

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