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2002-01-12 05:43:57 (UTC)


Laura and Parker and I went to see Mullholland Drive
tonight, all the way in Alpharetta. At the beginning, I
was pretty sure I wouldn't like it, but it got better. And
as confused as we were, I liked it. It was pretty
amazing. Of course, the three of us couldn't stop laughing
at the end (Parker started it)... it was just seemingly so
random, and this was the first movie in a good long time
that we hadnt been able to piece together from the
beginning, and I don't even know what, just because we were
all there, and thats how we are, but we couldn't stop
laughing, and everyone else in the theatre was trying to
figure out what the joke was that they had missed. There
were parts that were totally incredible, and of course
there were also the parts that I was going "AAA! What the
hell is this?!?", but I just finished reading this thing
that "explained" (I'm using this term loosely) it, and I've
got it pieced together about as well as I'm going to
We went out to dinner before hand, and for coffee
afterwards, and spent the hour car ride talking, excaliming
and all of us singing, in varying degrees loudness and
every greater variance of onkeyness, and laughing, and
Parker made the comment "You know, this is what I'll miss
most next year", and we were quiet for just a moment, and
he's really right. It's the stupid crap like that, that
you never even thing of, that makes you the happiest. And
next year, everyone will be so fucking far away. Not jsut
us, but everyone, but we were talking about it later, and
they both want to get the hell out of here... "there's no
way I'm staying here; I hate georgia, and this county, and
this school"... I was sitting in the back, and they kept
going on and on, and I started talking, getting louder and
louder, and I was almost screaming before I had their
attention. I don't even remember what I said, but what's
wrong with the south? whats wrong with georgia? Laura's
going to Boston, and Parker's going to California, and I'm
going to be stuck here for the rest of my fucking life,
because I don't know if there's anything better. She was
too afraid to fly so she never did land.... why the fuck
does it matter? Can anyone tell me, because who the fuck
cares? Do I?

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