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2001-04-14 02:53:51 (UTC)

stressful day

what a stress filled day. first patsy left at 12:00 and
then they had the dunking booth at 2:00pm. that alone was
almost unbearable. my head is pounding so hard, it's
killing me. i told j.k. when he left "boy you sure are
geting off early alot." i thought he knew i was picking,
but knew he didn't when he said " when you start writing my
paychecks you can tell me that." i was just messing with
him, but he does not know how to take a joke. and further
more jason comes to me and asks " have i ever snuggled and
kissed a black man. hell no i haven't. and never will
either. i wish he would get the point, but i do like
messing with him and know i'm sending the wrong signal. i
just can't help myself. well today is over with and
tomorrow begins a new day. maybe it will be better.

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