All in the Night
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2002-01-12 04:40:50 (UTC)


I got my belly button pierced tonight! Yay! I was going
to get my eyebrow done, but my mother was like highly
opposed. Lol she keeps tellign me that i look like low-
class thite trash now. OH well, she'll get over it!
Anyways, IT's really really sore! Omg jennifer was gaggin
the whoel time b/c the guy left the need in my stomch for
like a minute and she was just staring at it. IT was sooo
Anyways, Chad's leaving on like a week from Sunday
(day after tomorrow). I'm so sad. I know that this is
probably a bad analogy thingy, but it's like a puppy. Agh,
no HE'S not like a puppy, but it's the same attached
feeling. I just dont want to see him go. I've never dated
anybody this long before, its a miracle, praise the good
Lord. Lol I'm just playing! Although, this REALLY IS the
longest relationship i've ever been in. 6 months the day
after he leaves. :*( FOr some reason, some people think
that the only reason we've lasted this long is b/c he
doesn't really like me...but oh well, i dont' care what
they think. I wonder what things will be like then...like
when he comes back if we'll just pick up where we left off,
or if we'll just be friends, or if we'll be dating
different people. Agh, i dont want to think about it!
Anyways, i DID have a lot to write about, but i can't
think abtou any of it at the time... oh well. I'm out like
the fat kid in dodge ball

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