Tamra's life
2001-04-14 02:45:27 (UTC)

Adam's Stupid Family

I feel really bad for Adam. His family has some major
problems. His mom is an alcholic(but shes super sweet), his
dad is an ass who makes him feel bad about everything he
does, his brother(aaron) is an ass and a stoner guy, and
his sister(rachael)...ugh, bitch.
Last night, His 14 year old sister played this evil joke on
him and his best friend nathan and said she was pregant.
She was at aaron's friend, ben, house with aaron and they
said that. It really upset him and it was just this whole
big mess. They act like they dont love him and it really
hurts him and me. Adam is the sweetest boy i have ever
known and he doesnt deserve that. It hurts me so much to
see him so sad :(...


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