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2002-01-12 04:28:58 (UTC)

Another Day Has Gone

What's happening in everyone elses world? Notta here. I
just got home from work. I honestly don't feel like I've
worked 9 hours. My manager came over & said "Hey Allie, get
off the clock girl." ~Lol~ My mind was a hundred other
places so maybe that's why.

I have been going over my college placement test study
book. All I can say is "Oh My Jesus, Please Help Me." It's
really easy stuff until you get to the chemistry & some of
the math. I am just going to try & stay positive & pray
that God will let me pass because I kept a good attitude.
~Lol~ I know that's really pathetic, but it's all I can
think of.

I've been going to some of the group meetings with my mom
at the pastors house. They are actually pretty cool. No one
puts any pressure on you to turn your whole life around.
They just accept you & make you feel like you have people
you can depend on. That's really awesome because most
churches are like "Ok, now that you're here lets go over
all our do's & don't do's." You never know, maybe I can
calm down a little bit.

Amanda Jo & I talked last night for over an hour. She is
such a trip. We were planning out the days that I will be
there in June. I think we're pretty much done with it.
~Lol~ I just need June to hurry up & get here. Ya know what
I mean?

Well, I am a little sad because I haven't been able to talk
to Ronnie today. My schedule & his just wouldn't permit it.
That hasn't happened in a while & hopefully it won't happen
again any time soon. I love him bunches!


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