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2002-01-12 04:21:47 (UTC)


Dear diary,
This is Lollipop. Lollipop is my nickname that i always
use for everything because i hate my real name. Well this
is my very boring life story and let me tell you i may be
13 but i went through alot of shit kids my age shouldn't be
doing or going through. Okay here it goes. I was born on
January 22,1989 to my mother and father. My father was an
achohalic and my mother worked two jobs... When i was
brought home my sister practically raised me.. Then at the
age of 3 my parents started to fight and i went and lived
wit a Families friend. Then after my parents devoriced i
went and lived with my mother and her new boyfriend named
Brad. Well then i got hit and abused so i tried to turn him
in when i was in preschool but social services didn't halp
any. So bye the age of 6 i was running away and shit like
that but no one listened to me. Well then i turned 8 and my
dad went to rehab and became sober. Well at 9 i started to
drink and do drugz. Well when i was 11 i ran away from home
and got put ion my dad's house. Then i was convicted with a
crime and moved back to my mom's. That was a huge mastake
because at 12 i was having sex and i am suicidal. Now being
13 i am into Drugz and Drinking along with sex and suicide.
I have been in and out of lock downs and shit. I don't
trust anyone and i hate cops. My feelings for life are very
very simple. I think life sucks and i will always fell that
way. And when people say tht Cops and social services help
wel sorry to say they didn't for me so now i think they
will never help anyone. That is how my life is. So if you
think being grounded is bad try being grounded for a year
and not being able to do anything like i was at one time.
Try to live a life that is nothing but druggies and
drinkers in your family. Not being able to say that u love
your parents. And most important not feeling like you have
a home to go to and people to listen to. That is really sad
if you think of it. I am 13 and like almost lives on my
own and i can't say i love my parents because i can't even
think about it because they don't love me.
That's my life thanks for listening.
Peace out,