Forgotten Misery
2002-01-12 04:11:31 (UTC)

My hearts been broken people been used

Good song line right there how true is that shit? more to
come later

Tis later as I have insomnia and cant sleep again what the hell I
havent slept in days i need sleep i swear or im like gona be in the
hospital anyways. Im kinda mad right now I left 2 messages on G's
phone and I guess he doesnt have the decency to call me u know it
doesnt hurt to pick the damn phone up and call an old friend i guess
im your friend im not to sure about that anymore G! Anways Guess I
wont be seein you this weekend I guess no lose to u sighs......
When I come back down not this weekend but next which is for sure im
gona stay with maggie one night the other with jamie and spend time
with my real true friends who call and write and dont leave me hangin
sorry G im mad right now Y dont u ever call u could of called and
been like sorry I cant come up geez.

Me after no sleep on verge of hospitilization