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2002-01-12 03:53:56 (UTC)

Why are people so stupid??

Today I asked a certain person to write a letter of
recomendation for me. So this is what happens. First, she
prints it on the back side of the paper, and then, she
forgets to signs it. You would think she would have checked
it, but oh no, lets not work too hard. I hate stupid people.
Only one more day to go before I go back to school! I
thought I'd never wanna go back, but low and behold, I do!
It's so BORING in this town, and my grandmother keeps
bugging me to go to church. I'm gay, I have no use for
So I'm a supporter for Palistinian Statehood, and this
morning, I wrote this:

"This is very wrong. Arafat is arresting some, if not
most, of the people Israel wants arrested, and how do
they thank him?? BY DESTROYING HIS AIRPORT, and by
distroying his police stations. This is the biggest irony
I have ever seen! Sharon is telling Arafat to arrest
certain people, but how is he supposed to arrest these
people when Sharon is destroying his police Station. It
is so stupid.

I have respect for Jewish People, but I also have respect
for Arafat and his people, and If there will ever be
peace in this region, then the Palistinians MUST BE
recognized international statehood"

Go here:


You'll understand when you read the story.

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