mark my words
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2002-01-12 03:52:33 (UTC)

grounded AGAIN!

Well to start off, a TON of shit has happened over the last
two days. To tell the whole story would take forever and
piss me off too much, so I'll just give the brief
overview. Basically, I got home from school yesterday to
find half of my worldly possessions on the floor of my room
and the other half in the trash. Thanks, Mom. She had no
reason to do this, but half my stuff was gone. Since the
trash gets picked up on Thursdays it wasn't even like i
could rescue it from the trash. Gone was a cell phone
cover, my Gameboy Advance, and a notebook from school going
from September to December that contained 95% of my exam
review stuff. All gone. So now I'm going to definitely
fail all my exams beacuse I have nothing to study off of,
and Mom doesn't care in the least. Oh, and because she had
to trouble herself to throw away my things, I'm grounded
And I have a big confession. It's really stupid. I called
KC's cell to say hi a few minutes ago, and I talked to her
for a little bit. Then Lindsay got on and I was talking to
her and she was like "yeah I might sleep at KC's so I'll
give you a call from there when we get back." I was
like "sounds good!" but I don't know why but I was REALLY
jealous. Why should I be jealous? I'm GROUNDED. And I
really don't mind, I mean, It's not like I want people to
be doing nothing just because I'm not there. It was just
weird! Lindsay and KC are cool and all, and whenever Lin
comes to my house the three of us always end up together,
but for some reason I had a little twinge of jealousy for a
minute there. And I really don't know why. Does KC get
jealous when Lin comes to my house like every day of the
week? I don't think so, at least, she never acts it, and
we always end up together. But is she secretly? Why am I
so immature about this?
Oh, and KE was there too. Supposedly she has "started
smoking". That leaves me and KC who don't out of all our
friends. When I was told this about KE, I was like "That's
funny! But don't let her anyway... not that she inhales or
anything." (In our group, not inhaling is a big, big
deal). Somehow she heard and was like "WELL YOU DON'T
INHALE EITHER!" I was like "Hun, I don't smoke." Last
time me, KC, and KE smoked up together, like 2 weeks ago,
KE didn't inhale. She held the smoke in her mouth for
about a second then sorta spat it out. Meanwhile me and KC
are taking these deep drags and holding in the smoke for a
while, looking at each other like "Haha she's not
Okay I'm done ranting. Plus I gotta pee!!! So I'll write