Tales of Tails
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2002-01-12 03:45:31 (UTC)


For those of you who give a flying shit at a rolling donut,
here's my current situation.

My dad got canned on Thursday. Fucking awesome. This, of
course, comes after they cut his pay in half and expect him
not to notice. Apparently he threatened to quit, and they
fired him for insubordination. Fucking awesome. God damned
heartless fucking bastards. The economy's bad enough
without you firing your senior VPs. The company is going to
tank and then you'll be looking for qualified leaders like
my father. Fuck you all. You know who you are, your fucking
blue-suit clones.

Oh, did I forget to mention the financial implications of
this? Well, if my father doesn't get a new job paying his
old salary by March, we lose the house. Let me put this
into perspective: This is my family's dream home. Every
cent my parents earned went towards this house, and after 9
years the goddam thing started to grow on us. That happens
after nearly a decade. So where do we move? The shit-hole
crack-whore infested pile of shit known as Windsor Ridge.
Great. All my posessions are to be transferred from my
comfortable room to a U-Store bay. Fucking awesome. Cold
weather does WICKED nice shit to guitar amps. Makes 'em
spark and shit. Frozen tubes = Good shit. Meanwhile, I
sleep on a "mattress" probably once used to hold up the
frame of the condo when it was built, eat in a kitchen just
barely big enough to flip a pancake in, and park the truck
in one of the three designated parking spaces that are
totally vulnerable and leave your car to be stripped while
you sleep. Fucking awesome.

But wait, there's more. Did I forget to mention the fact
that up until now, my mother has been buying groceries for
my aunt, who is dying of brain cancer? Yeah. Apparently my
aunt can only eat certain kinds of food, and because her
husband works 14 hour days (and rightfully so; he has to
pay $2300 a month for ONE perscription, never mind the four
surgeries, p.t., a live-in nurse, etc etc etc.) he doesn't
have time to go to a health food store and buy the things
she CAN eat. And because my mom can't afford it anymore now
that my father's net income is 0, my aunt will be stuck
eating junk food. Let me tell you, sugar does WONDERS for
brain cancer.

Of course, my grandmother isn't well, either. She's getting
old, and can't walk by herself anymore. She's spending all
of the money her husband left her, which was a shitload, so
we all know something's up. She just bought a BMW, but
can't drive it or the Jaguar 'cause her legs aren't
working. She claims she's fine and refuses to go to the
doctor. She's so Irish I can taste it.

My mother is, of course, beside herself. Normally on the
weekends she drinks herself stupid, but tonight... Dear
Lord. I seriously hope she wakes up tomorrow. She passed
out in her bed sometime around 10. She forgot to make
dinner for my little brother 'cause she was too busy
drinking. Fucking lovely. So my little brother would have
gone without dinner tonight were it not for my sister, who
came home, made spaghetti, went to her room and proceeded
to swear her ass off for the next hour until she had to
pick me up at work.

As for my unemployed father... well, I don't know when or
how he's getting home, but he's at a bar with a couple of
his friends drowning his sorrows. I'm guessing the cab will
pull up in the front of my house around 2 AM. He never
shows how drunk he is. He's the soberest drunk I've ever
seen. Poor guy. I feel so useless.

Anyways, I'm outta here. I know, I'm shallow for bitching
about shit like this, but it's not like anyone here cares
anyway. And if that guy that emailed me is reading this, go
ahead and say it. 'Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and
get over it.' At this point, I don't fucking care.

Sleep well, all.

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