Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-12 03:41:03 (UTC)


God damn, I am in a good mood! I don't know whny
really.....I mean I have lost like 6 pounds! God damn
that is awsome! So ok today is day 5! I am so awsome! I
WILL NOT STOP THIS!!!! Lauren will be here in a
little..... I told her about William, I really hope that
she doesn't say anything. Well, lt me see since the last
time I wrote I have done a little something else.....since
I am on my period I wasn't able to give anything....only
reacieve....but that is ok.....he thought I was really
good at it which is awsome! I mean hell I never thought I
would be able to do anything like that!
It is funny I went out to eat with some friends
tonight and I didn't want anything to eat and some of
their reactions were crazy! I mean fuck if I say I don't
want to eat anything then leave it the fuck alone! I mean
I am not anorexic or anything by any means! But, Lauren
tried to shove a fri down my throat which was not nice and
frankly it was a bit embarrassing! OK, I want to lose
wreight and now that I am I am getting these strange
reactions.....I guess I have not lost enough yet for
anyone to notice....but tomarrow at some point I really
want to go to the gym.... I wonder why I suddenly have
all of this energy.....if this is what I get for not
eating then hell I never want to eat again!!! I am tired
of being the unattractive one! It's my turn! And, I am
prepared to do whatever it takes to get to that point!