between love and hate

there is a thin line
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2001-04-14 02:28:53 (UTC)


lets see!!!!i get a call tonight from
the club ,where my husband sings at on
occassians.when he is home,these weman
that i usually sit with,they are all the
time hitting on my husband.and trying to
talk to him and asking him to dance.
he allways gets angry and tells them to leave
him alone.he dont dance with anyone but
his wife.and he isnt interested in any
other woman but his wife!!! anyway they
wantted me to go to the club with them,
they know he is out of town,i think they just
want me to go ,so they can tell him
i was at the club......without him .and cause they think im stuppid
or something????? no way will i go to a club
without him.iam married and especially i wont
go hang out with the town slutts!!!!!
my husband would have a cow!!!!!!!!!!
i have done some pretty bad shit in my
time ,but i will not hurt this man,he loves
me to much ...i will not be seen in a place
like that without him there!!!!i dont want him
to even think i would go without him......
lay with dogs and you get fleas.....
is what iv always heard.........
i love my man!!!!