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2002-01-12 03:27:45 (UTC)

fukkin pist dammit!

aight i'm so fukkin pist rah now it aint even funny...it's
like a combination of being fukkin pist off and being
depressed at the same time. i'm jus so fukking angry at
everyone, everything, the whole world! shiet i dunno why, i
just am. my dad thinks that i can find comfort, support and
refuge at church...thas some major bullshiet! dayumz yo, i
went to this fukked up friday nite fellowship shiet today
and it was so stoopid i swear! jus a waste of mah time
i mean...this is how i see it~ being christian aint got
shiet to do with goin to church. i mean think that u can
still be a decent person without being totally christian,
going to church, retreats, all dat shietz u know? alrite
it's like this...
christians (krns in particular) think that jus because they
go to friggin church every sunday and shiet that it makes
them good people...that it makes them worthy of going to
heaven and being called "christians" who are so pure,
almighy and fukk dayumz! but that's jus fukked up, none of
that shiet is true. i think that it's better off not to be
a christian and jus believe in God. there's nothing wrong
with that. i mean, what makes christians so much better
than the average believer in christ? nothing! exactly my
point. i know he's there, he's present, he exists, but i
don't feel that i have to conform with all these other
christians of my kind in order to prove that i'm a
believer. i may not be a devoted christian, but that don't
count for shiet in my books.
i mean look at all those hypocritical christians who try to
live their lives by the bible and try to prove themselves
to be whole-heartedly good and shiet, thas pure bull! they
act like they're such good hearted people and everything,
all the while stabbing people in the back, talkin shiet
about people behind their back, being two-faced hypocrits,
etc... etc... dayumz! i dun get this shiet, why would these
people try to prove that they're so good and that by being
so overly religious that they have the rite to force their
beliefs and opinions upon others? do they even kno wtf
they're talkin about?
anywayz~ excuse the language and all the other shiet, im
jus fukkin pist today...well, rite now...so yea, i'll get
over it...i aint going to no fukkin retreat dammit! shietz
yo, im out!~ yea yea...one luv and all that shietz, latez

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