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2002-01-12 03:26:03 (UTC)

we talked again

jacob called today, to tell me that his vest for the prom
is going to be crimson red. now I have to start finding a
dress to match. I look ok in red. he is
really hurting from what his ex did to him. I understand
he needs time to get over her. We are just friends right
now and thats fine with me, I don't really want to get
serious with him now anyway, he is still on the rebound
sorta. I know he's always gonna be there he is one of my
best friends....I have the best memories with him.. The
year I spent in saugatuck changed my life. i was only in
fifth grade but I knew jacob and I would never lose touch.
i miss riding horses so much. I really want to start
riding again. it was such a stress reliver for me.
christie doesn't ride, I think she told me she went once.
I wish I still would visit with my step-dad then she could
come and ride with me.....she would love it! galloping on
the beach....hahahaha(like in the movies) it is great! i
went to internship for the first time today in like the
longest time. I told mrs m. that I have been having
anxiety probs lately with projects and final exams and
things. I guess I haven't really showed it cause other
people problems seem to be coming first lately. Its not
that I mind, but I gotta get some shit done!
i am really afraid that jacob doesn't know the person I
am....I am usually really depressed and when I talk to him
I am laughing or happy unless I am crying of course. he
doesn't get to see the rest of my life. christie and I
haven't talked for the longest time. I am off groundation
on tuesday!!!!!!! I can't wait...LOL.