le soleil et la lune
2002-01-12 03:11:18 (UTC)

hoping for a better tomorrow

That title sounds kinda corny doesn't it? Oh well. I hope
that tomorrow will be better than tonight. I got off of
work at 8, but found that I had nothing to do, and no one
to hang out with. I had wanted to go see Ocean's Eleven,
so that I could see the rest of it, but there is no way
that I was going to walk into the movie theater and sit
there by myself, not with the way I was feeling tonight.
So after walking the mall for a little bit only to find
that no where in there had the kind of shoes, the clothes,
the movies, or the comfort food that I wanted. So I came
home, got online to see if there was anyone I wanted to
talk to, but there was no Melmo, CJ, Erinn, Tiffani, Dad,
no one. So I figured that me and my mom could spend some
quality time together since both of my sisters are gone.
But then Jerry came, so that idea is dead. That's why I
hope tomorrow will be better. I get to spend the whole day
with Amanda, shopping, so I should be happy. I just hope
the people at the Y will stay off of their high horses.