i guess this is what u want to read..
2002-01-12 03:03:30 (UTC)

FRIDAY IM IN LOVE (not, just a good song)

well today i woke up think there was snow outside bc i am
stupid..haha..but it was just stupid rain...then i went to
stupid school..haha..it was pretty exciting..i think school
is the only thing that makes me happy anymore..haha..not to
sound like a nerd but i hate being home by
myself..lol..anyway i had fun there..then i came home
expecting to be happy but then someone from elco that was a
chick was telling me stuff that i really didnt want to hear
and was just going to make things worse..but duh my life
sucks anyway so whatever..hahah..and then i went on line to
chat..that was fun because it just was..hahah bc i was
talking to someone who really wants to talk to me and like
not be mean to me and stuff like that..hahah anyway its a
friday and im home..(whats new)..i was bored like
always..but after all i am a very "depressed"
person..hhahahahaha...people are stupid..hhaaha...well now
its like 10:00pm and im still very very very very very very
bored..well i dont think that this entry makes very much
sence but who cares..bc i dont..so bye! haha (oh man i
think im high)

crush news: someone with a different name!, as in no one i
know has it