lost in the dark
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2002-01-12 02:42:04 (UTC)

The Task a head....

Hey Entry. Problem. 2 loved ones. Which way to turn. One
I could side with really easly. The other is going to be
alittle bit harder. Politic. This is where it becomes
tricky. First find out what I need to know what is
happening with the other side. I know what is happening
from one's point of view, and I know that what was said
could be true. But, how to get what is happening with the
other side is going to be tricky.
I know that there is a problem, But the other side is
going to be hard to play. The other side will tell me that
there is nothing wrong, and that things are going fine. I
know this because I was in the same spot acoupla years
back. I have learned from that mistake. And maybe help
someone else from making the same mistake, might be able to
help them keep something that they are over looking.
It is not always the bigger things in life that keep
things going. I have found that a kind word of prase goes
alot farther then some bigger things in life. For I must
amight that I am Human. And forgetting that a kind word to
one could mean a better relation. I think that Prase
doesn't always have to be spoken, just the little things
that you do for one and another is just as powerful. Just
giving a freindly piece of advice on how to handle a
problem that is affecting one could mean the world.

We are human. Problems are what makes life interesting.
Finding a solution under a rock could be the most exciting
thing one might find in a life time.

Lost in the Dark...

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