Mr. Mister

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2001-04-14 02:01:07 (UTC)


I've done THIS before....

Being with/knowing/seeing Ilona and her daily journal (as
much as it makes me feel kinda creepy) has reminded me of
how I've wished to keep one myself. I've even KEPT one for
a certain period in my life. KarmaJean has it now. I'm
sure she's read all the way through it, and if anyone in
the world would be allowed to read it, I guess it would be
her. I'm not afraid to be me with KJ. She's seen the
worst of me, that's for certain.

Howard's in the hospital after having broken his hip in a
collision with a child in Kohl’s department store in
Georgia. The surgery was a few days ago and directly
afterwards he sounded quite good. A day later the drugs
took some bad effect and he wasn't quite sure why he was in
the hospital and was very incoherent. I talked to him on
the phone when he was in this state. It was horrible.
Mother was worried that he wasn't going to come back.

I talked to him yesterday and he sounded so much better.
It was good to hear his voice. I talked to Ma today and
she sounded much better, too.

Work is busy and I'm procrastinating like hell on doing
what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm writing in journals or
playing cribbage or wankin' or eatin' or smokin' or
anything but writing internal controls or doing employee
evaluations. I hate employee evaluations.

Monique is the bane of my existence. I miss her like all
hell and she flirts with me and tries to kiss me at work
and goes home to her boyfriend every night. It disgusts
me. I've grown to not like very much about her. I really
want to tell her to leave me the hell alone but I don't. I
know she's poison, but I can't seem to keep myself from
adoring her. What an asshole.....