DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2002-01-12 02:09:25 (UTC)

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learn about PCRC 2002 Competition.
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: =O
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: =x
Äñï//⣠©®â©|{€®§: =oO
Äñï//⣠©®â©|{€®§: copy cat
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: =IO
Äñï//⣠©®â©|{€®§: -
›»¤J맧‡çĤ«‹: =O*
Äñï//⣠©®â©|{€®§: red balll
Äñï//⣠©®â©|{€®§: red mad ball!

i hate life so i laugh at it aite
once a time i wuz a lil kid
saw sum shyt happened
sum sum1 kill demself
the fear of life
started right there
saw sum1 else die
as well..
been beaten to death
saw life pass by so quick
at only the age 5
saw daddy hit mommy
but den saw mommy curl up n wanna die
got high by da age seven
aint nuttin mommy could dew
she left me out in da dumpster to die
but i came bak some how
she left me to die at the age seven and ten
but i always found my way back
got stabbed at the age eleven by daddy
said i wasnt being a good gurl
saw him raise his hand to sissy
got into the fite but thrown down
never once did i hit back or him
now i'm older
and bein beaten
and wanten to die
learned to cut my wrist at the age nine
so i must of been addicted to the blood
cuz imma seventeen and still at it
now i gave up and aint no one did anything
now someone steps in
and i'm gone as far as i know
now daddys packing his bags
mommys throwing me out
so life byebye

dat shyt is true so fuk dis shyt jus send me bak to da hospital

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