De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-01-12 02:02:28 (UTC)

Love Hina

Saturday 12/01/02

Been watchin Love Hina, this extremely funny jap anime
series. i got em from tedy, whose friend downloaded it from
the net..the whole series is dubbed in english..excellent
quality as well as the movie of visions of
escaflowne...yeahhhh..havent watched anime for so
long...missed that

work wise... will be goin down to another company next week
to check on their network... hopefully it's not too
difficult!! My supervisor has been really nice and helpful
so far, so it's been a pleasant experience...

friends wise... ah-jiao has left the country, but she'll be
dropping in singapore to find work, so thats great! david
and tedy wiill be leaving soon too..sighz..all the familiar
faces are disappearing one by one...bumped into yu chen on
my way home though..he's freakin out because he lost his
assignement in the computer just b4 submission... but
there's not much i could do about it..nai has been
datin..and her desciroption of her dates are quite
funny..hehehhe... i hardly see her around in the house
except at she's studyin in the day and workin at
night...luke, he'll be switchin jobs soon, gettin bored of
his current job...been watchin lotsa vids and anime at his

family-wise..all is good..thankfully...really hope my
parents can come over in june/july so that i can show em

still lying really low these days as i do not want to spend
too much money, just lying on bed..surfin..hangin
out..talkin to friends..stuff like that...