trip to my brain
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2002-01-12 01:53:34 (UTC)

shitty week

I havent wirtten here in a while cause i was stuck at my
friends house till tues. cause of the snow and mmon. we
were bored so me and somw friends decided to got to hapy
hour at applebees and we got a little drunk and decided to
go to a shitty bar after where i got in a fight with a
duded thats like 35 and he scratched my eyeball i had to go
to the emergency room it was bleeding inside my eyeball! it
was the worst pain i ever felt in my life i was so doped up
om pain killers i slep 3 days strait i can finally kinda
see today but it still hurts and looks like hell the doctor
said it wont be normal again for like a month and my vision
might be fucked. well im fucked up on pain killers now so
im gonna go back to bed and the computer hurts my eyes.