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2002-01-12 01:41:17 (UTC)


Hey you! hehe anywayZ ok today i was talkin w/ my coach it
was strange b'cuz at the beginning of the year we made this
bet that if he sings for me then i'll sing for 2day
he sang for me and hes all you owe me now! and im a terribly
shy person and theres not one person that doesnt noe or has
realized ya noe i mean i love singing and all but i mean to
my self and not put on the spot cuz that makes it even worse
but the thing is that i do want to b'come a singer like for
life professionally and the coach is all ok r u gonna make a
demo cuz if you are i'll be your manager and we'll send your
demo to P.Diddy, and actually thats the best convo ive had
prolly all my life cuz no one ever ever ever has asked me
what i wanna do , what my dreams are not even my fam ya noe?
its kinda sad though but he will alwayz have a special space
in my heart and this very conversation 2day! it was amazing
i mean i felt like someone was actually understanding my
dreams (just to keep in mind my coach is married and hes
like 60)lol b

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