even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2002-01-12 01:12:37 (UTC)

with fully automatics....

so mom is looking at a car right now, and i think i'm gonan
get it if it checks out with a mechanica and stuff...
mitsubishi mirage, so.. that should be fun... we'll see how
it goes... yea today.. well.. today was ok... not too much
happened, i dont; think.... kelly read my diary the other
day and was like, katy.. you suck, its boring.... but..
what can i do? today after school, i gave jen an i am loved
buttong, and aum cam up, and he had his, and i had mine,
and i wal sike, i love aum! and jen was like me too! and i
was like, aum... you're awesome.. will you go out with me?
aum you shoudl be my girl friend... cause i love you... and
he was like... ahhh no... but, smiling, and we talked for
a little, hes goign skating today and thenn as he was
leaving he wa like, see ya boyfriend! yay, so i have two
girl friend, aum and joselin! strictly non sexual.. good
stuff, so.... im a pimp... and we got to take some pictures
in photo i hope they come out well.. he taught us how to do
double exposures today.. so maybe that will be fun... we'll
see how they come out.. that class is really fun.. yikes...
mom just asked me where the wine openr was... and i had
it... upstairs... poo... i am stupid... but dinner....