DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2002-01-12 00:53:09 (UTC)

just read my life

Aite my lifes just trash to me everything always seems like
its my fault i didnt do something right i took someone away
from someone never did i mean it friends backstabben me
like they never cared a bit losing someone who treated me
like shit feeling hurted and wanten to die for so many
reasons not sure if i should live or not knowing that i
love someone but i always end up doing something to hurt
them and its killing me inside i feel dead and pretty
shitty right now dont know what to say or do anymore i'm so
lost in my own lil fucked up world oh god help me please if
theres a god i do hope he save me some how and lead me to
the right direction n i hope adam wont hurt me i dont know
what i would do if my heart gets hurted again i just dont
know anymore.

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