can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-01-12 00:41:53 (UTC)

right to dread work today

It SUCKED. I was in a bad mood already, because I guess
Mrs. O'Brien was being mean to Corrine, and I felt bad.
Followed by work, where Greeley was hanging around ALL DAY.
PLUS, I guess one of the trustees said something about the
clothes I was wearing being inappropiate, which it sort of
was because I've lost weight and couldn't find my belt this
morning, so with my jeans going down and shirt going up it
was. And I don't really mind it being brought up, it was my
own fault, but she kept going on! And she basicly said that
I dressed slutty and I just don't need that from her. And,
of course, because all the trustees are total Avonites, so
word will get around and because they are all old they will
think of me as the Slutty Shelver.
I'm over reacting, but I liked my rep at the library to be
as a sweet quiet girl. Sue me, I don't have it many other

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