What a Life
2002-01-12 00:33:52 (UTC)

Shocking experience!!

So i went to school today prayin for a better day! Well it
wasnt to bad! David was not at school he went to visit a
college that he is going to next i still have yet
to really talk to him!its all good though! i had a really
wierd experience with an ex boyfriend(Mark) today! He and i
broke up at the begining of the school year...middle
september!i didnt take it to well and sorda held a grudge
for a while..he is real into football(Captian of the team) i
felt that was the reason we broke up everything was always
about Football and his boys! well a few weeks later he
hooked up with a friend of mine Shannon..i cared but not
really i dont like to lose friendships because of something
lke that i mean its high school!they broke up within a week
or so and he began dating a junior who he is now
dating...however they are having problems with the
relationship!Today he came up to me and was flirting really
bad! i dont have a 7th period so i was hangim out with some
of my friends outside school and he came over and put him
arms around me just like he used to!!!TOTAL SHOCK! In a way
it felt really nice to be in his arms again not sure
i want to head in that direction again! He hurt me really
bad before..he broke up with me over the phone while i was
in the hospital..with mono and all druged up! He is a
wonderful guy ..great with kids ..loves my brother and
sister..My mom and him are friends he always hugs her when
he sees her along with my brother (age~9) and
sister(age~12).my entire family loves him!My Mom was sooo
excited to here about what happened today!OHHHHHHHHHHHH what
amm i gonna do now!!!!!!!! i thought i had it bad.. as it

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