lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-01-12 00:23:47 (UTC)

smelling the roses

ahh it's been one of those weeks where everything seems
really good & i'm just glad to be around & to be living
this little life of mine. it's all so cool.

i swear to you i'm going to marry all the sweet guys at
school. actually not, but that's good. the best part is
that i don't give a flying fig how i look at school or what
those psycho people think of me, so i just chill and have a
buncha guy friends that are totally rad. that's what it's
all about. there's nothing better than walking into a
class and getting a hug & a high-five. it makes my day
every time :-) gosh and i'm such a freak for politeness
but it is GREAT! guys are sooo nice & hold doors open
& get out of your way & pull out your chair ...what IS

and today, this guy i hardly even know pulled open a door
for me, did the little hand gesture, and said, "after
you." i didn't know people still SAID "after you"!!!!
haha where have these boys BEEN all my life? aww they're
great. boy friends are so much funner than girl friends!!
and you know what i mean. it's just so nice.

plus this week just rocked. i dunno why, but it kicked FOR