for show and tell
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2002-01-12 00:21:46 (UTC)

what it's like to be crazy

rrrg!!! i'm so pissed off with humans!! so, okay, i wrote
this thing about how i don't like people, and i used hate.
well, so!? i used hate!! i dont' hate humans; i AM
human!!! anyway, some god damn teacher of mine decided
she'd go and show the school principle! GOD DAMN HER!!!!
now i have to see a psychiatrist, and take medicine! i
hate medication with a bloody passion!!! especially if
it's the kind that messes with your brain, which is what I
have to take! i hate it! it changes your mind and doesn't
let you think for yourself! I HATE IT!!! *calms*....... oh
well.... i'm screwed, and so depressed now...


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