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2002-01-11 23:58:18 (UTC)


So Last night was so super awesome! NOt just because it
was the first time I've went out in a while either. Guess
who I danced with for a lil while??? Okay so you'll never
guess but for those of you who know him. .it was the HOT
cafetria manager.. you know tall, bald, black, nice body;)
Well so anyhow he made the night so worth while!!!

Then today I figured out some awesome stuff! I dont' have
to take either of the religion classes I was going to take,
how awesome is that? I realized today that hte classes I'm
taking in Italy count for my humanites degree requirement
so I don't have to take religion anymore. Which means 1) I
get a lot of money back, 2)I only have to take 12 creits,
3) I get to take a fun nutrition course!

Other things i did today. . . Workout. . .eat. ........
work. . .return/buy books. . . eat. . .now i'm going out
for a while.