2002-01-11 23:58:12 (UTC)

Stick Up *Hiccup* Poo

AAAHaHAHA.. Yesterday, Asia told me and April that
she "accidentally" (pashish) looked at Corey's wang-wang,
and said it looked like he was going to have an erection
(sp?) and then April looked, but I didn't cuz I am,
obviously, NOT perverted. Then today, Corey was sitting
next to our desks and Asia and april kept on talking about
what happened yesterday and giggling (the sin!! THE SIN!!!)
and then Corey heard his name, and asked what they were
talking about him and said, "are you guys talking about my
butt?" except that he didn't say butt, he said the A-word.
and then they kept on making excuses until Asia
said, "April was looking at you dick." then April was
shocked and stuff and said, "Nuh-uh, Asia did." Then blah
blah.. Oh, it was hilarious... But, unfortunatly, I
couldn't see if Corey was blushing or not (he should be
embarassed, not flattered! unless he was a big ego freak..
yep, he most likely was flattered..) because i was doing my
work like a behaved student (oh, miss perfect). ahahaha,
just keeding... Oh so funny day.

Jeez, is this a wang-wang season or what? GROSS!! and
y'know what's not cool? Ok, you know how I am so NOT in to
that Rupert Grint look-a-like? Right when we got back from
break, I see him everywhere... unlike before when i WAS in
to him, he was no where to be found. For instance,
yesterday, my sis and Alicia went to visit the librarian of
our school and she called me to meet her. So, I got out of
6th period early to go to the library and i meet my sis,
alicia and the librarian. Then, when I got out of the
library, who wa sin front of it? Him and his friend. When I
start walking down the hall, he was right next to me. Then,
a bunch of girly girls went in front of me and were walking
like some turtles on a beach and I was so perturbed!! ARGH!

How stupid. Well, I'll go now. Bye